About Alliance Guaranty Mortgage Corp.

Alliance is a family-owned and operated company. The founder and former CEO, Bill Skufca, served Colorado homeowners since 1958. He retired at the end of 2016 after commemorating 30 years of Alliance Guaranty Mortgage. In April of 2018 Bill passed away, leaving behind a legacy of Colorado home-ownership! Bill started out as a home-builder in the late 50's and continued with success into the 60' and 70's. In the 80's Bill transitioned from home building to home mortgages. He was exclusively a Colorado mortgage broker. The President is his youngest son, Mark, and together they built the company and managed to keep the doors open all this time.


During the housing bubble & real estate crisis, new federal and state regulations were put in place; many other mortgage brokers had to shut their doors permanently. Mark and Bill felt the pinch too, and had to downsize the company, but they managed to come through it all, which made their 30 year anniversary all the more sweeter!  Alliance Guaranty Mortgage has well over 100 combined years of experience in the real estate and mortgage fields. Their loan officers, processors, and consultants come from a variety of backgrounds; which makes their company multi-cultural and better able to serve the multi-cultural state of Colorado.


Through the years, Alliance has learned one simple truth: You deserve real customer service, A REAL PERSON. Bill instilled in Mark many outstanding traits, but the one big take-away for Mark is one-on-one customer service. Mark insists Alliance does that for every customer in an effort to set themselves apart from the competition. This has demanded Alliance to continue to provide good old-fashioned courteous service in a very high tech environment. Alliance is accustomed to making house calls so don’t worry about finding them, just give them a call and Alliance will be glad to come to you. As they say, "Put on the coffee, and we'll bring the doughnuts!"


Mark Skufca, President Member Better Business Bureau, Denver/Boulder Accredited Business Rating A+ since 1998