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The founder of Alliance Guaranty Mortgage had been serving Colorado homeowners since 1958, and Alliance is exclusively a Colorado mortgage broker.  As an approved Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, VA and FHA broker, we are able to utilize the latest state-of-the-art automated origination and funding systems.  It is possible to have your loan approved in minutes by answering a few simple questions. This has taken most of the stress and guess-work out of acquiring a new loan.  Our friendly and professional staff are here for you, and we will come to you, even if you are on the state line!  We have over 100 years of combined experience in the real estate and mortgage industries.  Meet our staff: with our multi-cultural office and our bi-lingual loan officers we’re certain we can find the right consultant for you!  Why wait?  START NOW!

Our goal is to serve you with the best home loans available.  We are current on all the latest mortgage programs all the lenders and banks have to offer.  Before you select a loan option, pre-qualification is the first step.  There’s no fee to pre-qualify nor is there any obligation to make a loan once you do.  This step is to simply see if you qualify for a mortgage, much less determine which mortgage product to choose, so don’t delay, get started today.

So many people are afraid to take this first step (to pre-qualify) because they are under the impression that they won’t qualify.  We run into this quite a bit, and half the time they DO QUALIFY, after all.  If not, going through the pre-qualification process will prepare you… for example, if you have some credit issues, it will tell you which ones you need to fix and which ones you don’t.  So, before you assume you already know what to expect, let the pre-qualification process make it easier for you, and take away any doubts you may have.  Don’t be surprised if you’re closer than you think!  Remember, there is no obligation, so get started; call us today or simply fill out the QUICK QUOTE tool provided.